The “Three D’s of Fitness” That Lead to Successful Results

Many folks have adopted forms of exercise to get and stay physically fit.  They join local gyms, take fitness classes, and diet.  Many buy gym equipment for home.  One guy set his up in the garage; his wife wasn’t happy when she had to park her car outside.  She was even less pleased after the equipment began spending more time sitting idle than her car did in that driveway!  It was why she made her kids use the equipment instead of sitting in their latest outfits from Hot Topics while playing video games and eating.  She made everyone start using the gym room by letting them know they’d have few chances to use their Groupon coupons in the future if they didn’t get in better shape now.  After all, the best equipment is only effective when used.  And using a home gym means applying the “three D’s” of fitness: determination, dedication and discipline.


Dedication:  This is the time and effort put into your regular workout.  And the key word is “workout” – the time in the gym must be spent working.  Whether performing resistance reps, lifting weights, walking or jogging on the treadmill, or rowing on the rowing machine you work your muscles to increase their strength.  And it is done regularly and repeatedly to get in shape.

Determination:  You show your endurance and desire to achieve physical conditioning.  It makes you add weights to the bar to increase lifting ability; to add another angle to the treadmill or another speed to the bike.   That determination is exhibited by working out on days when you feel weary, or when you feel entitled to a break from the routine.


Discipline:  The discipline comes in when you want to enjoy that break.  Or when the weather is so nice you’d prefer to see the flowers, or when dinner aromas draw you to the kitchen.  Discipline ensures that you work out before those breaks and pleasures; your “reps” are necessary every day.


If you use the “three D’s” in your fitness regimen – even post them on your wall – they will assure that the equipment in your gym serves its intended purpose.  You can show off your conditioning in t-shirts from Hot Topic that you can get with Groupon coupons.  You’ll be displaying the 6-pack abs and shapely strong legs that are products of applying yourself according to those three D’s posted on the wall.

How To Save Money Cheap Home Gym Equipment

 I am not sure if you have considered the idea of buying cheap home gym equipment, but I certainly made that move two years ago. I was a member of a gymnasium for many years, and it does have its benefits for certain. These include the social aspects, the discipline to go there and also the coaching you receive to get to the best men’s health workouts for you as an individual.

However, like me, many folks are finding Gym memberships quite costly and thus choose to invest in a home gym. Personally, I was motivated by cost factors. I was paying around several bucks a month for my membership and although good value for money, it was difficult to sustain, especially when this recession hit.

Take advantage of the empty space in your home to set up a gym

I realized I had plenty of room in my garage and indeed when I looked at what was available, I could even set it up in a spare corner of my house. The variety of equipment available these days and the way they have combined a bench press, leg pull, chest press,etc. into one unit is a great space saver and meets all my needs for a good routine workout.

Types of gym equipment available

There are lots of different makes and types of gym equipment available, and they range from laterals to verticals. I prefer a vertical with a simple ratio pulley system because they are easy to set up and are really low maintenance. Some use resistance techniques and others weight techniques, and some have a combination of both. I like a combination myself as they work out different muscle groups but either works quite well.

The one I use is vertical, and it is very easy to store away in my garage when I am finished. There are larger and more professional ones available, but I would only recommend these if you are into some serious men’s workouts.

I like cheap home gym equipment that gives me an overall body workout and this combined with a good diet, and good nutrition keeps me fit and healthy. If you have been considering doing this then I would recommend considering the following:

  • Who is going to be using it?
  • Are you limited for space?
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • How often will it be used?

What is the guarantee on the system?

Don’t rush into buying this system as it is a long-term investment in your health and fitness. I have seen thousands of these being sold on auction sites. That is probably because people have started with great intentions and either given up on keeping fit or found that the system didn’t meet their needs, took up too much room or broke.

Don’t fall into any of those traps and a little bit of research goes a very long way. I have been using my own system now for around two years, and all I have ever had to do is provide a little oil to the pulley system about once a month. Other than that, I just clean it after use and rub it down until it is dry.

The bottom line

Home gym equipment is cheap today and cheaper than it has ever been. If you have considered this in the past or are doing so now, then there is simply no better time. The market is awash with good products and by good brands, so make your selection and start your men’s health workout at home. Visit this site for more information :

Essential Home Gym Equipment and Workouts

Working out at home is convenient, saves time and splashing on expensive gym memberships. But what pieces of home gym equipment are the most effective to have in your home gym.

Here is some guidance on the best and most effective workout home gym equipment for your home.

Dumbbell set

Dumbbells can be used in a vast amount of exercises, training many parts of the body, which is why they should be your first home gym equipment you invest in.

To give you some examples of the range of exercises dumbbells can offer you: Weighted crunch for the abs, bench press for the chest, shoulder press, bicep curl, triceps kickback, bent over row for the back and even squat for the legs.

Although some of these exercises can be worked better with more specifically designed equipment, the full body dumbbell workout is something not to be sniffed at. And compared to other gym equipment they are cheap to buy.


I would suggest if dumbbells have not got enough weight to work your legs or chest then you will need to get a barbell. It will be more comfortable and safe to lift heavier weights using a barbell then an awkward dumbbell.

Specific exercises I’m talking about are the squat and bench press. To perform the squat properly you will need a resting bar at about lower chest height, which will enable you to pick up and put down the heavy weight safely. With a bench press you will need a bench and resting and bar as well. Barbells can become versatile along with other home gym equipment such as the bench.

Multi-Purpose Weight Bench

To be able to stack serious weight onto your barbell and dumbbells it will be extremely important to have a weight bench. On top of that you should be accompanied by a spotter so that you can perform your exercises safely.

They can be very good investments though as they can come multipurpose with the addition of leg raises and the option to fold the back up and down to diversify your workout. For a decent multipurpose weight bench you will be looking at paying from $100.

Resistance Bands


Resistance training is excellent for body toning and exercises the muscles like no other type of techniques because the muscles are always in tension throughout. There are many variations for isolating different muscle groups.

The bands come in a range of colours which relate to their resistance or stiffness. Yellow being the least resistant and black/grey being the most resistant. You can perform squats, bent over rows, lateral rows and bicep curls as a few examples of the capabilities.

Furthermore the bands are not exactly big, they can fit in your sock draw and are really cheap.

Rowing Machines

The most expensive piece of equipment that I am going to recommend is the rowing machine. It is a great combination of cardio and resistance training. For anyone that doesn’t like running but still wants to improve their fitness and muscular endurance this would be a great choice and the one I make.

Benefits over running are that it puts less stress on your joints such as your knees, and your upper body gets more of a workout, making this a full body workout. Not to mention you won’t have to leave the house.


Whatever home gym equipment you decide on remember that being consistent in your full body workout routine is the key to being successful. Set yourself a goal and stick to it you will see results in no time.
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