The “Three D’s of Fitness” That Lead to Successful Results

Many folks have adopted forms of exercise to get and stay physically fit.  They join local gyms, take fitness classes, and diet.  Many buy gym equipment for home.  One guy set his up in the garage; his wife wasn’t happy when she had to park her car outside.  She was even less pleased after the equipment began spending more time sitting idle than her car did in that driveway!  It was why she made her kids use the equipment instead of sitting in their latest outfits from Hot Topics while playing video games and eating.  She made everyone start using the gym room by letting them know they’d have few chances to use their Groupon coupons in the future if they didn’t get in better shape now.  After all, the best equipment is only effective when used.  And using a home gym means applying the “three D’s” of fitness: determination, dedication and discipline.


Dedication:  This is the time and effort put into your regular workout.  And the key word is “workout” – the time in the gym must be spent working.  Whether performing resistance reps, lifting weights, walking or jogging on the treadmill, or rowing on the rowing machine you work your muscles to increase their strength.  And it is done regularly and repeatedly to get in shape.

Determination:  You show your endurance and desire to achieve physical conditioning.  It makes you add weights to the bar to increase lifting ability; to add another angle to the treadmill or another speed to the bike.   That determination is exhibited by working out on days when you feel weary, or when you feel entitled to a break from the routine.


Discipline:  The discipline comes in when you want to enjoy that break.  Or when the weather is so nice you’d prefer to see the flowers, or when dinner aromas draw you to the kitchen.  Discipline ensures that you work out before those breaks and pleasures; your “reps” are necessary every day.


If you use the “three D’s” in your fitness regimen – even post them on your wall – they will assure that the equipment in your gym serves its intended purpose.  You can show off your conditioning in t-shirts from Hot Topic that you can get with Groupon coupons.  You’ll be displaying the 6-pack abs and shapely strong legs that are products of applying yourself according to those three D’s posted on the wall.